Expertise Chalkboard

When you are an expert (as many of you accountants are), it’s not your services or products that your prospects are buying. It’s not even the famous “features and benefits” that they buy. They aren’t actually buying your expertise, either (although this is what you need to sell).  You can’t buy someone’s expertise: it belongs to you, and you use it to deliver results. The results you deliver – and the ultimate purchase your buyers are making – are  things…. Read More.

Bill the dragon on a laptop

  Accountants are often saying to me, “I’m no graphic designer” or “I wouldn’t have any idea what looks good”. It is true that the very skills which make you a good accountant can sometimes work against you when it comes to good graphic design. I’m encouraged that accountants are recognising this, and are either making an effort to learn and be open to new graphic design ideas, or at least listening to good advice. But to help you along,…. Read More.

The field of marketing

One of the issues many firms are facing – particularly some of you smaller accountancy firms – is that you’ve avoided marketing for so long that the cost of getting up to speed is daunting for you. Because of this, you can’t simply leap into the new marketing game: you may need to spend some serious money on foundational areas in order to get yourself (and your firm) on to the new marketing playing field. Your previous plan of “getting…. Read More.

How to handle 'quick questions'

What do you do with “quick questions” (usually asked by prospects) that are easy to answer, but often take 20-30 minutes of every day, and you’re conscious that you aren’t being paid for answering them? What happens if you’re generous with your time and knowledge, but no one appreciates it by becoming your client straight away? It’s also applicable to those heading out into the wild frontier of social media. What happens when you build more of a presence online…. Read More.

Social Media works

At a recent conference for international accountants in Vienna, I had the privilege of speaking about social media – its importance, impact on your firm, and the need for you to be involved personally in it. Interestingly, my assertion that accountancy firm owners and partners would be wise to be involved in social media personally made the biggest splash.  It wasn’t even the core message I’d planned to give: but as often happens when presenting to a large group with…. Read More.


In today’s technology-focused world, we’re getting used to the terminology of Unicorns and Dragons. But what are they and what does it mean? I’ll first explain some background about unicorns and dragons (as I see them), and then explain why, at The Profitable Firm, we write in defense of the snail.

high Skilled Humans

The dying rays of the sun did their best to pierce through the smog and post-apocalyptic haze. They glinted off the twisted metal of the discarded and long-dead carcasses of cars that littered the overgrown high street… They shone off the rusted remains of a useless post box – useless, on the whole, because there hadn’t been a postal service for five years now… They glittered along the highly polished arms of…. The Terminator. Scourge of humanity. Killer of all…. Read More.

SEO and Social Media

  Accountants are already waking up to the fact that “SEO is dead” – or a version of that, which indicates that even the very little that you may or may not know about SEO has changed recently. This is really excellent news for your accountancy firm marketing. Why? Because everything we’ve been preaching about content marketing is not only more true than ever: it’s more effective than ever. Content marketing will deliver more leads to your firm when you…. Read More.

Marketing ROI Accountants

You can no longer evaluate marketing ROI based on individual efforts. It’s so tempting for accountants to still do this. “I tried Twitter for two weeks and it didn’t work – I didn’t get any new leads.” “We ran an event and didn’t get any new business.” “Networking doesn’t work for us.” You look at one campaign, one effort, one trial, and make your decision swiftly (usually within 30 days). If you haven’t gotten an instant return, the presumption is…. Read More.

Why Bad Design is losing your business

If bad graphic design is losing you business (and it is), you will be pleased to hear that the opposite is also true. Good graphic design will help get you more business, because it draws your prospects in to read the excellent content you’ve put together. It helps enhance the possibility that the right kind of prospective clients will actually notice your valuable expertise, your niche market, your focus areas. Why do accountants struggle to prioritise good graphic design? In…. Read More.