One of the most discouraging things for accountants is going through the whole proposal and quote process, only for the prospect to say no, or go somewhere else. What can be even more confusing is if they just never come back to you, at all. No replies to your emails or phone calls. They go completely incommunicado and you give up eventually because you don’t want to be the annoying sales person. So you wonder, why didn’t I get that…. Read More.

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In a packed accounting market, it pays to understand what makes your firm unique. And to really get your firm’s core values and personality across to prospective clients you need to understand your own style – helping you to attract the right type of clients and giving them the incentive to jump on board. So, what’s this all got to do with cake? Well, in our ongoing mission to create bespoke, unique content for our accountancy practice clients, we’ve come…. Read More.

Rest In Peace

Recent expert opinion has begun to surmise whether the website as a marketing tool is dead, or at least in its last stages of life. In a quick search online, and in chats with other content marketers, I came across multiple conflicting articles on the topic, with titles such as “The homepage is dead, and the social web has won” or “Web design is dead – No, it isn’t”.  (See the end of this post for links to varied articles…. Read More.


“It’s Friday” can be the best opportunity for your business. It can also be used as a great avoidance technique. One of the things that can set apart your accountancy firm’s marketing is the ability to push forward when everyone else pushes back. And there is every reason in the world to give up, back off, step back: but there’s every reason to do the opposite. To press forward, step up, and move in. I’m a huge fan of taking…. Read More.

Weird 60's Businessman

Your buyers are faced daily with people proclaiming to be good at what they do, promising help and support, proclaiming that their services are the ones to buy. What your buyer wants from you above all is to know that you are genuine. Authentic. Real. They not only want to hear your case studies and stories, and read your expert advice – they need to have confidence that you are who (and what) you say you are. In addition to…. Read More.

tone of voice

Here at the Profitable Firm we work with a huge cross-section of different accountancy firms. Some are big, and some are small. Some are traditional, and some are very cutting edge. But the more accountants we work with, the more we’ve started to realise how different and diverse you all are. And one of the crucial things that sets one firm apart from another is their ‘tone of voice’ – the sound, personality and style of their content and communications….. Read More.

Expertise Chalkboard

When you are an expert (as many of you accountants are), it’s not your services or products that your prospects are buying. It’s not even the famous “features and benefits” that they buy. They aren’t actually buying your expertise, either (although this is what you need to sell).  You can’t buy someone’s expertise: it belongs to you, and you use it to deliver results. The results you deliver – and the ultimate purchase your buyers are making – are  things…. Read More.

Bill the dragon on a laptop

  Accountants are often saying to me, “I’m no graphic designer” or “I wouldn’t have any idea what looks good”. It is true that the very skills which make you a good accountant can sometimes work against you when it comes to good graphic design. I’m encouraged that accountants are recognising this, and are either making an effort to learn and be open to new graphic design ideas, or at least listening to good advice. But to help you along,…. Read More.

The field of marketing

One of the issues many firms are facing – particularly some of you smaller accountancy firms – is that you’ve avoided marketing for so long that the cost of getting up to speed is daunting for you. Because of this, you can’t simply leap into the new marketing game: you may need to spend some serious money on foundational areas in order to get yourself (and your firm) on to the new marketing playing field. Your previous plan of “getting…. Read More.

How to handle 'quick questions'

What do you do with “quick questions” (usually asked by prospects) that are easy to answer, but often take 20-30 minutes of every day, and you’re conscious that you aren’t being paid for answering them? What happens if you’re generous with your time and knowledge, but no one appreciates it by becoming your client straight away? It’s also applicable to those heading out into the wild frontier of social media. What happens when you build more of a presence online…. Read More.