Sick leave get well soon

It’s Friday and it’s time for Karen’s Marketing Tip! But there’s a small issue… Karen’s sick! But never fear, we’ve still got a tip for you – although it’s probably more of a ‘Karen’s Medical Tip’ this week! Karen’s been laid low with a chest infection that’s had her confined to bed for several days. But being knocked for six by an infection got her thinking about just how important it can be to get proper rest and recovery when…. Read More.

Social media programme

An important part of our Social Marketer online training course is the Q&A sessions we hold for members. Some strong topics came up in the latest Q&A and we thought we’d share these to help you add continuing value for your firm. Highlights include: maximising LinkedIn activity you’re already doing (hopefully), your firm’s social media branding and how video can boost your lead generation. Key questions and answers: 1. Should you ask for recommendations and skills endorsements on LinkedIn? When…. Read More.


Integrity is another of the four pillars on which we stand at The Profitable Firm. Unfortunately, the word ‘integrity’ is the kind of word that businesses love to put into vision statements or mission statements or on website landing pages, but it doesn’t always mean much in terms of the work the company does. Worse, it is sometimes used by companies who don’t mean it. We assure you that we do mean it at The Profitable Firm: and to help…. Read More.

email marketing tool

As a creative agency, we’ve used a lot of email marketing tools and so have our clients. In this post we want to share with you a little insight into these and what to consider when looking for an email tool. People’s inboxes are overflowing these days but email is still a proven strategy to promote your firm.  It’s even more important to make sure you stand out, so your email gets opened! When done correctly, email marketing still does…. Read More.

Creativity pillar

Creativity is another of the four pillars on which we stand at The Profitable Firm. It’s obvious for a creative agency. Of course, we’ll be creative. That’s what we do. But it’s important to us to define that, to make it not only a priority but a principle: a way of doing business. Creativity is a word that gets a little lost in the digital age. It’s rather like the word “art”: we all think we know what it means,…. Read More.


One of the four pillars on which we stand at The Profitable Firm is rest. This can seem incongruent with our being a creative agency, or indeed with any type of business operating in the 21st century. Phrases like “smash it” and “crush it” and “disrupt your market” abound. The high growth, high tech, change-your-world businesses are the ones that last. Surely working harder, more hours, and with more enthusiasm is the key? All of those things are required for…. Read More.

marketing basics

When you the accountant are faced with all the varied elements of today’s marketing, what do you feel?   Video, Instagram, podcasts, graphic design,  branding, live events, online networking. Snapchat. Canva. Xero apps. Zapier. Slack. The list goes on, and if you’re paying attention you may be coming to the realisation that without using any (preferably all) of the above tools and many more, you’re losing business on a daily basis. Any and all of these can strike fear into…. Read More.


One of the questions we’re often asked by accountants is, what is the difference between Rocketspark and WordPress? Is there a difference? Does it matter which one I use to build my site – now or in the future? For most accountancy firms, WordPress is the default platform on which custom sites are built. (Actually, for most businesses building a solid custom website, WordPress is the go-to platform.) But Rocketspark is another type of platform we’ve mentioned before, and some…. Read More.


LinkedIn Pulse is a feature that LinkedIn have added so that you can publish your own content, similar to a blogging platform and start reaching their huge member base.   Accounting firms have recognised the value of sharing content via their own blog – and we’ve long recommended that they do so. But how does a blog work with LinkedIn Pulse? Can they work together? Is duplicate content an issue? The main difference between having a blog on your website…. Read More.


The expectations that your clients (and prospects) have about communication with their accountant are that you will be available all the time. The days of autoresponders that promise a reply within 5 working days are so far gone as to be laughable. Even a reply within 24 hours is considered slow. It’s not exclusive to accountancy services: your buyer expects near-instant communication from anyone they do business with. Instant communication is critical for your clients When it comes to accountancy…. Read More.