The expectations that your clients (and prospects) have about communication with their accountant are that you will be available all the time. The days of autoresponders that promise a reply within 5 working days are so far gone as to be laughable. Even a reply within 24 hours is considered slow. It’s not exclusive to accountancy services: your buyer expects near-instant communication from anyone they do business with. Instant communication is critical for your clients When it comes to accountancy…. Read More.


Because many of our clients use and love Xero, we took some time out to attend several of the Xero Roadshow events in the UK. Although delivered by Xero to Xero partners, the principles shared apply to the whole industry, regardless of the software you or your clients use. The digital movement and how it impacts your clients The digital movement can be seen in all industries from banking, taxis and holidays, but the scale of growth Xero are experiencing…. Read More.


Accountants are often challenged by how to give feedback to designers, web developers, and marketers in general. Most accountants we work with often start the conversation with “I don’t know much about marketing” or “You’re the expert, so we’re open to your ideas”. There is great value in recognising what you don’t know, and being open to the expert’s advice. Our favourite (and, incidentally, highest performing) clients are those who are always ready to hear our opinion or advice. Being…. Read More.

Karen and her Dad

Yesterday would have been my dad’s 74th birthday. He’s no longer with us on this earth, but he was a very wise man. He had a habit of turning a good phrase and capturing in a few words what took other people hours to say. I’d tell him a story and go on and on in every detail, and he’d say, “Well, it sounds like they don’t really know what they want, in this area or in their life,” and…. Read More.

Simon Sinek

If you are creating an “Our why” page for your accountancy firm website based on Simon Sinek’s concept of the same name, you may want to rethink it. It seems as though almost every accountant I talk to lately has seen the video, or read the book, and somehow this has translated into “we need to explain our why on our website”. I’m not sure how that message has come across – perhaps Simon himself mentioned it (although I don’t…. Read More.

Social media infographic

There’s a huge increase in the number of businesses using social media, but are accounting firms taking advantage of this trend? We asked you to take a social media survey, and your results have been pulled together and compared against key industry data. Check out where you sit with social media compared to other firms! If you’d like to download the infographic, log in to our free resources.


A fascinating development in the accounting world is discovering accountants who are more than ready to spend money – serious money, big money even – on their marketing….and yet these accountants could still be setting themselves up for a big fall. How could that be? Isn’t the biggest hurdle for accountants to overcome that of being ready to big-scale invest in their marketing? Nope. I would argue that the biggest hurdle accountants are facing today is one they never thought…. Read More.


You may not think of yourself as a marketer – you’re a professional accountant, after all. But every time you send an email to your client, meet a new prospect at a networking event, or log into LinkedIn, you’re actually marketing your accountancy firm. If you’re serious about growing and scaling your firm, then you’re going to have to evolve your marketing activity and get yourself into ‘the marketing mindset’. But how you can cultivate the habits of a marketing…. Read More.


“Strike a light, guv’nor! I ran down the old apples and pears this mornin’ and there was a letter from the bank. I ‘ad a butcher’s at it and it was telling me I’m skint. I’ve been stitched up like a kipper! Could you lend us a pony, geez?” Confusing, isn’t it, when someone talks in a language that’s English but which seems to contain no words you actually understand. If you were left a little baffled by this intro…. Read More.