Great ideas can come from anywhere: and even more importantly, they come from anyone. No matter what role they have in your business (or whether they have one at all). As many of you know, I’m sort of a Harry Potter fan. *sips coffee from Harry Potter mug whilst wearing HP hoodie and socks* Even if you’re not a fan (or could care less), it doesn’t take a genius to recognise that the seven books, eight films (plus the…. Read More.


“Strike a light, guv’nor! I ran down the old apples and pears this mornin’ and there was a letter from the bank. I ‘ad a butcher’s at it and it was telling me I’m skint. I’ve been stitched up like a kipper! Could you lend us a pony, geez?” Confusing, isn’t it, when someone talks in a language that’s English but which seems to contain no words you actually understand. If you were left a little baffled by this intro…. Read More.

Cloud accounting

When the topic of cloud accounting software comes up, business owners and accountants alike can get extremely enthusiastic – and even fiercely protective of – their preferred option. As a member of a content marketing community myself, we get into regular conversations on Slack about all things business. Video, HR, books, events, pricing, branding…and software, too. Recently in the midst of multiple conversations, someone casually mentioned accounting spreadsheets, which led to a discussion on cloud accounting software, and then the…. Read More.

build local relationships social media

In the past five or so years, there’s been a shift in how people use their digital and social networks to connect with the world around them.  This affects accountants in a big way, because of how much social is being used to make business decisions. It’s less about using social media to post your dinner on Instagram, or share holiday snaps on Facebook. People are using the national and global reach of social media channels to find jobs, connect with…. Read More.

website design & build projects

Getting a new website built for your accountancy firm is one of the most exciting marketing actions you can take. It’s also one of the most frustrating, difficult, and costly actions – which is why so many accountants avoid it for so long. When you’re considering launching into a new website project (which I fully support if your current one is not performing well), you can prepare yourself mentally for the whole process in this way:   1.Recognise that it…. Read More.

Social Marketer programme

We launched The Social Marketer programme last week – yay!   An amazing first project to work on This is my first start-to-finish project since becoming part of the growing Profitable Firm team and it’s been really enjoyable. I just wanted to share some of the things I’ve loved about getting this live! Amazing applicants! To join the programme you first have to apply, and let us know why you want to join. I know we already work with innovative,…. Read More.

Spiral Clock

One of the hardest things for accountants today is coming to grips with the fact that marketing now requires your time. You used to be able to choose. It was a choice of whether you would spend time, or spend money, on marketing. You didn’t have to do both. You could, back in the day, choose to just spend money on it. If you put enough money into the right people or the right experts, the leads would come –…. Read More.

Cheap Marketing

When it comes to marketing for your accountancy firm, going to one of your clients – who is a website designer, a graphic designer, a consultant, a videographer – can seem like the best solution ever. You already do their accounts – or perhaps they’re not a client yet, but they’re about to be! So a service swap is the perfect solution. You get the benefit of high quality marketing support or advice, and you don’t have to pay a…. Read More.


There’s no escaping the fact that taxation is a big part of accounting. Helping your small business clients to understand the impact of tax on their finances – and most importantly, how much they have to pay, and when – is something that’s a vital part of your advisory service. And that means that there will be occasions where you have to talk or write about tax. But, as any business owner will tell you, they often find the details…. Read More.

When you don't feel like writing

I really don’t feel like writing this marketing tip today. Actually, I’m writing this a few days before Friday, when it will drop into your inbox. But I’ve hit one of those days where brilliant ideas are fleeing from me, rather than pouring in like a flood, and I’d like to just skip it this week. The problem is, I’ve learned that skipping one week will only lead to the same thing next week, and then another. Rather like doing…. Read More.