Social Media works

At a recent conference for international accountants in Vienna, I had the privilege of speaking about social media – its importance, impact on your firm, and the need for you to be involved personally in it. Interestingly, my assertion that accountancy firm owners and partners would be wise to be involved in social media personally made the biggest splash.  It wasn’t even the core message I’d planned to give: but as often happens when presenting to a large group with…. Read More.


In today’s technology-focused world, we’re getting used to the terminology of Unicorns and Dragons. But what are they and what does it mean? I’ll first explain some background about unicorns and dragons (as I see them), and then explain why, at The Profitable Firm, we write in defense of the snail.

high Skilled Humans

The dying rays of the sun did their best to pierce through the smog and post-apocalyptic haze. They glinted off the twisted metal of the discarded and long-dead carcasses of cars that littered the overgrown high street… They shone off the rusted remains of a useless post box – useless, on the whole, because there hadn’t been a postal service for five years now… They glittered along the highly polished arms of…. The Terminator. Scourge of humanity. Killer of all…. Read More.

SEO and Social Media

  Accountants are already waking up to the fact that “SEO is dead” – or a version of that, which indicates that even the very little that you may or may not know about SEO has changed recently. This is really excellent news for your accountancy firm marketing. Why? Because everything we’ve been preaching about content marketing is not only more true than ever: it’s more effective than ever. Content marketing will deliver more leads to your firm when you…. Read More.

Marketing ROI Accountants

You can no longer evaluate marketing ROI based on individual efforts. It’s so tempting for accountants to still do this. “I tried Twitter for two weeks and it didn’t work – I didn’t get any new leads.” “We ran an event and didn’t get any new business.” “Networking doesn’t work for us.” You look at one campaign, one effort, one trial, and make your decision swiftly (usually within 30 days). If you haven’t gotten an instant return, the presumption is…. Read More.

Why Bad Design is losing your business

If bad graphic design is losing you business (and it is), you will be pleased to hear that the opposite is also true. Good graphic design will help get you more business, because it draws your prospects in to read the excellent content you’ve put together. It helps enhance the possibility that the right kind of prospective clients will actually notice your valuable expertise, your niche market, your focus areas. Why do accountants struggle to prioritise good graphic design? In…. Read More.

How Clients Feel Accountant

If only you could know exactly how your clients feel. Good news: I can tell you. At least, I can tell you how they feel if they’re like me, because I’m a business owner using an accountant, and here’s what I’ve learned. Your clients want the latest technology.   One of the reasons I moved accountants last year was that our previous accountants wouldn’t use Xero.  We use our accountants because they use Xero and Crunchboards and Chaser and all…. Read More.

Business Accounting Financial Analysis Management Concept

The best marketing starts with you standing (as much as possible) in your clients’ shoes. How do they feel? What frustrates them? What are they hoping to get out of your meeting or your services? For accountants, this can be particularly difficult to do when it comes to management accounts, budgets, cash flow forecasting, what-if analyses, tax calculations…I could go on. I am regularly amazed by how many accountants do not grasp that this does not come naturally to business…. Read More.

strategic partnership graph 38391571

You’ve often heard me say that there is no magic wand in marketing. That there are principles to follow and areas to focus on, but in the main you simply have to work hard and keep going and it will come round in the end. There is, however, one area which if you get it right will bring you the biggest and most powerful return – more than any email you could ever send, any blog you could write, any…. Read More.

From lead to sale beyond

For many accountants, the lead to sale process seems quite simple.  In your mind, it goes like this: Get lead Send proposal Get the work (or not) Then it’s time to go back to step 1. And this would be brilliant if the process did actually work that way! Simple, easy, and we can all move on. But because you’re selling professional services – not a one-time, buy-now product – the key to your marketing is trust.  What your prospects…. Read More.