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Having a blog on your accountancy firm website – and keeping it updated – is a key element of any self-respecting accountancy firm’s content plan in 2017. This is your opportunity to share your expert advice, which helps prove authority (and, by doing, so helps your prospects feel confident about buying from you). When it comes to blogging, one of the questions we get asked here at The Profitable Firm is “How long should I make my blog posts?”. It’s a…. Read More.

PF new brand

Your brand is central to everything your accountancy firm does in marketing, and it is more important than ever that you address it. At The Profitable Firm, we are in the midst of our own rebrand, and the process is teaching me and the entire PF team a lot about what a rebrand means – and how to manage it. Read about why we decided to rebrand here. A rebrand is one of the most exciting things you can do.  …. Read More.


Within the next few months you’ll begin seeing changes at The Profitable Firm – chief of which will be our new brand and sub-brands, and a new website. Get a sneak preview here. I am ridiculously excited about this. It’s a process that has been a long time coming, and many factors have gone into the making of it. Branding is something we’ve started to do a lot more of here at The Profitable Firm. Accountants are waking up to…. Read More.

Team marketing

Accountancy firm marketing success is directly tied to the understanding your entire team have about content marketing. Yes, the owner or director of an accountancy firm must have the right marketing mindset for your marketing to be effective. But if you’re the only one whose mindset has changed, your new effective marketing won’t last. Something I’ve had my eyes opened to recently is the impact your team must have on your marketing efforts. This isn’t an optional extra, and here’s…. Read More.

Content marketing

Here’s something you don’t generally hear from a content agency… When it comes to creating valuable, unique content for your accountancy firm, YOU (the accountant) are actually the expert. That might sound counter-intuitive, but let us explain and we think you’ll soon agree with us that the true parent of your content marketing is you. As an agency, we fan the flames of your content ideas and help them to burn more brightly. And we can only do so because…. Read More.

Numbers don't matter to clients

One of the best ways accountants can deliver better marketing is by getting inside the head of your clients. What do they really care about? More importantly, what do they NOT care about? What really, really doesn’t matter to them? When you know that, your marketing will get exponentially better. And it may surprise you to discover that your clients really, really don’t care about the numbers. They don’t want to see them. P&L’s bore them. Balance sheets confuse them…. Read More.


Video is the new king! It’s something we at the Profitable Firm have been saying for some time – and the reality is that your content marketing will need to embrace video wholeheartedly if you’re going to keep pace with the competition in 2017. It’s estimated that over half of all internet video traffic will be content delivery traffic by 2019. Video is the new channel of choice, with consumers and business buyers preferring the immediacy, the visual impact and…. Read More.

Regular content

When things get busy in the office it’s easy to let things slide when it comes to marketing. With busy season in full flow, and the January tax deadline fast approaching, we know there’s a lot of work to plough through and plenty of late submissions to chase with clients. But don’t let this pressing workload distract you from the important task of focusing on your content marketing and social media presence – after all, you’ve put a lot of…. Read More.

Sick leave get well soon

It’s Friday and it’s time for Karen’s Marketing Tip! But there’s a small issue… Karen’s sick! But never fear, we’ve still got a tip for you – although it’s probably more of a ‘Karen’s Medical Tip’ this week! Karen’s been laid low with a chest infection that’s had her confined to bed for several days. But being knocked for six by an infection got her thinking about just how important it can be to get proper rest and recovery when…. Read More.