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The best marketing starts with you standing (as much as possible) in your clients’ shoes. How do they feel? What frustrates them? What are they hoping to get out of your meeting or your services? For accountants, this can be particularly difficult to do when it comes to management accounts, budgets, cash flow forecasting, what-if analyses, tax calculations…I could go on. I am regularly amazed by how many accountants do not grasp that this does not come naturally to business…. Read More.

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You’ve often heard me say that there is no magic wand in marketing. That there are principles to follow and areas to focus on, but in the main you simply have to work hard and keep going and it will come round in the end. There is, however, one area which if you get it right will bring you the biggest and most powerful return – more than any email you could ever send, any blog you could write, any…. Read More.

From lead to sale beyond

For many accountants, the lead to sale process seems quite simple.  In your mind, it goes like this: Get lead Send proposal Get the work (or not) Then it’s time to go back to step 1. And this would be brilliant if the process did actually work that way! Simple, easy, and we can all move on. But because you’re selling professional services – not a one-time, buy-now product – the key to your marketing is trust.  What your prospects…. Read More.

Love like move up

We’re all familiar with the ‘ABCD’ ranking for clients.  “A” clients are top tier, deserving of additional support or rewards.  “B” clients have the potential of moving up to the ‘A’ level, and so on.  “D” clients are those you want to get rid of. Here’s a suggestion for a different client ranking style.  One that is more positive, and best of all more focused on the client (rather than you). It puts clients in three categories: Love Like Move…. Read More.

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You can have the finest marketing strategies in the world. But without humanity, your marketing just becomes more noise that your prospective client has to sift through. Here’s how (and why) your accountancy firm can deliver marketing that encourages interaction with the right kind of leads. Be human.  This is the beauty of modern marketing.  You can actually use marketing that sounds like a real person – not the wording on a corporate brochure (which no one reads, anyway). This…. Read More.

Recently in London I not only saw, but experienced, one of the greatest content-marketing-product-marketing combinations I’ve seen in a long time. And it reminded me that while I continue to stand by the principle that content marketing happens on a drip feed, and takes time, there are also ways to accelerate the process so that it happens more quickly for you than for everyone else. Here’s how it happened: My original plan was to go to Starbucks. Comfortable, assured, confident. …. Read More.


It’s an absolute pleasure to share this with you today.  Our team has decided to gift a brand-new website to just one accountancy firm (complete with SEO, social media setup, and custom-designed imagery). Yes, yes, we know…it’s too good to be true. But generosity is one of our pillars, and these days your website is more important than ever.  Firms are spending thousands just on the site design, not to mention the graphics and branding. There’s a short application form…. Read More.

Big confession: A few months ago was my first Uber ride, ever. For whatever reason I had never needed one, or just grabbed a black cab if I did.  But this particular time I was at the London Luton airport, and seeing as transport options from that airport are about the worst ever for London airports, I decided to bring up Uber on my phone and give it a try. It worked like a charm, just as it’s meant to,…. Read More.

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  I was at a There Be Giants event in Manchester this week, and David Beharall (ex footballer and current MD of Candidsky) was speaking on leadership, and people, and hiring. There were excellent and powerful ideas flowing all evening, but the one that stood out to me the most was this: “You can win without talent,” David said, “but not sustainably.”   People, and hiring, and recruiting, and talent, are all topics extremely relevant to accountants right now.  Almost…. Read More.

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No, email is not dead. As a matter of fact, it’s more alive than ever: if it’s done well. There may still be a temptation to look to email (and websites) as “a cheap way of doing marketing”.  Email is free, right? And you can throw together a simple WordPress website for a few hundred quid. Job done. But, as with all elements of marketing – particularly content marketing, which is our passion here at the Profitable Firm – if…. Read More.