Cheap Marketing

When it comes to marketing for your accountancy firm, going to one of your clients – who is a website designer, a graphic designer, a consultant, a videographer – can seem like the best solution ever. You already do their accounts – or perhaps they’re not a client yet, but they’re about to be! So a service swap is the perfect solution. You get the benefit of high quality marketing support or advice, and you don’t have to pay a…. Read More.


There’s no escaping the fact that taxation is a big part of accounting. Helping your small business clients to understand the impact of tax on their finances – and most importantly, how much they have to pay, and when – is something that’s a vital part of your advisory service. And that means that there will be occasions where you have to talk or write about tax. But, as any business owner will tell you, they often find the details…. Read More.

When you don't feel like writing

I really don’t feel like writing this marketing tip today. Actually, I’m writing this a few days before Friday, when it will drop into your inbox. But I’ve hit one of those days where brilliant ideas are fleeing from me, rather than pouring in like a flood, and I’d like to just skip it this week. The problem is, I’ve learned that skipping one week will only lead to the same thing next week, and then another. Rather like doing…. Read More.

auto enrolment

Your clients are becoming vaguely aware of something called auto enrolment. Unfortunately, for most accountants, ‘vaguely aware’ may also represent your own understanding of the new regulations and how you will present them to your clients. Perhaps your conversations go something like this: Client: “I saw something the other day about something called auto enrolment… what do I need to do?” You: “Oh, yes, it’s a pensions thing, there are a lot of regulations. It’s very complicated.” Client: “And it’s…. Read More.

How to grow your email list like a pro

Your email list is one of the most important tools in your marketing locker – but for many accountants, you’ve never had to bother with anything beyond a simple list of the clients you already serve. But gone are the days when you can rest on your laurels and get business flowing in by referral.  You’ll still get the odd referral now and then, but most accountants are discovering that competition is high, and you want to have a larger…. Read More.

let the mask drop

How do you act when you’re around your small business clients?  Do they get to see the real you, or do you become a different person when faced with a client? Many accountants still feel the need to adopt a ‘professional and detached’ demeanour with clients, even when they may have worked with this client for many years. And this reflex of putting on a ‘professional mask’ when meeting with, talking to and dealing with your clients still clings on…. Read More.

5 Reasons its ok

Losing a prospective client for your accountancy firm can be discouraging. There might be good reason for it, and in that case there are changes you can make within your lead to sale process. But sometimes it doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it’s actually a good thing you lost that job, or that potential client. Here are 5 reasons it’s more than okay, and you can press on doing the good accounting work you’re doing. You were too expensive People pay for…. Read More.

There’s a culture in finance and accounting that working late is a good thing. The unspoken mindset seems to be this – the later you work, and the more overtime you’re doing, the more you’re ‘winning’ in the ongoing battle against the client work mountain. But, in fact, working all hours that are available and grinding yourself into the ground is counter-productive. You’re tired, stressed and unproductive – and the quality of your work is likely to suffer too. So…. Read More.

What is “today’s news” for your clients?

Last week we delved into ‘How to use today’s news to market & sell advisory services’ as part of the Cloud Advisor’s Panel webinar with CrunchBoards.  Karen was the expert on how to market your advisory services, so we’ve taken the key points from the session, so we can share with you some fresh ideas. What is “today’s news” for your clients? The starting point in the webinar was how (and whether) you can take everyday news that’s relevant to your clients,…. Read More.

Book of Magic

The most exciting thing for me about working with accountants at this time is the fact that the industry started crawling out of the “boring” cave and is now emerging into a more beautiful place to do business. Recently I watched “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” on Netflix.  I was fascinated to notice that he used words like: Captivating Fell in love Miraculous The germ of an idea It was obvious Feeling Heart Similarly, reading Rod Drury’s post “Accounting is…. Read More.