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video equipment

Video. You know you need to be doing it. But you’re not. Why not? It boils down to two excuses: Excuse number one: Lack of video equipment This is the most convenient excuse because it feels so legitimate. You don’t have a digital SLR, a tripod, a recording-studio-microphone, or a video team on standby. Of course the presumption is that if you had all these things, you’d be recording video like a star. Every day. You’d be sharing powerful expertise…. Read More.


I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to attend ICON 2017 (the Infusionsoft conference in Arizona): which really got me thinking about what difference attending a live, in-person event can make. There’s so many ways to learn and get your skills up to speed: online courses like we run ourselves, blogs, how-to videos and webinars. All from free to low paid options so why take on the expense and time involved with a live event? Live events from conferences, business…. Read More.

It’s tempting for accountants to hire a marketing person (either in-house or outsourced) and presume that they can be left to get on with things. You’ve decided to invest the money – now they can go out and bring in new business for you.  Nope. The buck stops with you. You’re the leader, the owner, the managing director, the partner. You are ultimately the one responsible for ensuring that the business is consistently and regularly bringing in new business: and…. Read More.

productivity time management

Productivity is an illusion. A hazy oasis shimmering at the edges of the desert, always visible but never quite reached. At least, when it comes to the kind of productivity we’re all dreaming of. The team that is 100% productive, with no loss of time, and shifting seamlessly from one project to the other with military precision. The fact is, we’re human beings: both us and our clients, and life happens. Things go wrong. Files get lost. Emergencies occur. Meetings…. Read More.


In a word, yes. First, the more marketing support your accountancy firm can get the better. It is still rare for accountancy firms to have a ‘marketing department’. If they do, it consists of 1-3 people who follow the old school, conservative, “we’ve always done it this way” marketing tactics, and they’re resistant to new ideas. (This is in the larger accountancy firms. Smaller and medium sized firms often have nothing at all by way of a marketing team) So,…. Read More.

marketing team

It’s easy to think of marketing as something that’s only relevant to the management board and the marketing team within your firm. With traditional outbound marketing, it was the senior team that identified the campaigns, signed off the press adverts and did the interviews with the local paper to promote your new service offering. So everyone else in the firm saw marketing as ‘someone else’s problem’ and not part of their role – in short, marketing was put in it’s…. Read More.

progression model

Overheard in the pub: “Hey, you seem like a nice person. Want to get married?” Actually, I haven’t overheard that in the pub, but if I did, I would immediately know it was a bit odd to say the least. And creepy. What’s wrong with someone who wants to leap from “I’ve never met you before” to “Let’s build a relationship””? Unfortunately, for many accountants, this is what you’re trying to do with your marketing. You want to move all…. Read More.


Getting new leads is the goal. Right? Well….sort of. I’m always fascinated when I talk to accountants about getting more into their marketing funnel, because it often goes like this: “We want to get leads. More prospects, more business, more quotes, more sales.” [discussions around how to do this] “Oh wow – that’s a great process. That sounds like we might get a lot of people interested!” [further detailed discussions on campaigns, events, downloads, content] “Oh wait…that sounds like it…. Read More.

The Accountants Guide to Becoming A Blogger

Content marketing, when done well, is all about creating a flow of fresh, interesting and (above all) REGULAR pipeline of posts on your firm’s website. Central to this flow of content will be your blog channel – that little place hiding in the top right of your website menu. It’s the place to post your topical ideas, news about the practice and helpful tips and advice for your business clients. But if you’ve never written a blog in your life,…. Read More.