Accelerator bonus stuff

Get free coaching on world class content (and other bonus goodies) with Accelerator

Accelerator bonus stuff
Grand plans for your firm, know you need to do marketing to get there but not very sure where to start or when?

As with everything, putting it off and over thinking makes it more daunting. That’s exactly what our past Accelerator members found before they built up their knowledge through the 12 weeks of coaching with Karen, and got the accountability to do things themselves like…

  • Rewrite website pages based on their niche audience
  • Create new pages
  • Write and publish blogs
  • Create guides and content
  • Do video

But what stands out most is that the added confidence gave them the boost to do far more than they expected when they joined the course. They didn’t have spare time either, but they jumped in and are so glad they did. 

Here are some words from some graduates…


“The Accelerator has accelerated the changes within my firm. I’ve shut down my old website, started to build a new one of a different platform, thought of blog topics and tested niches and also thought of a new firm name. None, and I mean none, of this would be happening right now if it wasn’t for the Accelerator. I would probably have just plugged along for another year or so. That’s the true value of the Accelerator and I’m grateful to be taking it now, instead of the next offering.” Jim Clark, JC Chartered Professional Accountant


“I used to overthink before posting, now I go off the cuff based on what i’ve learnt, send it and get results!” Carrie Stokes, Carrie Stokes Limited


“I joined the Accelerator thinking I’d just keep doing what I was doing and add in a few extra videos. But i did far more, on top of that I have expanded my website fairly extensively.” Laura Arbuckle, Armet Accounting Ltd


At PF we don’t believe in being salesy, it’s not going to do anyone any favours: but sometimes you do need a little reminder, so that if you’ve been planning to join the course then you get it at the best price. And sometimes we just need an extra little nudge, so here you go…

Accelerator BONUS free stuff offer, and cut off dates:

  • A free copy of “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan. You’ll need to read it before the Accelerator anyway, but this way you get it in advance, free. (If you already have a copy, you’ll give this free one to a partner or team member who is struggling to understand how content marketing is actually useful. They’ll love it and it will help you do better marketing as a firm.) If you have no team members or a partner, give it to a client. They’ll thank you, big time.

They Ask You Answer

  • Free “World Class Content” group coaching session with Karen and Chris Marr: We’ve asked Chris to join us as an expert voice on the difference between good content, and world class content. In this live Zoom session, we’ll work together as a group on what world class content is, and how to create it for your firm. There are powerful (life changing and business changing) concepts in here, and this group session is exclusive to Accelerator members. No point learning about world class content if you don’t then get accountability afterwards to create it.

Chris & Karen

  • Free custom-designed quote template (in your branding): The PF design team will design a “quote template” image exclusively for your firm, based on your branding. You can choose one social media image size ie Twitter, Insta, Facebook etc. The image will be customised to your firm’s branding, and you can edit it over and over again to share any kind of quotes on social media. Here’s an example.

social quote

Early bird pricing

The pricing for Accelerator is only £395+VAT right now, PLUS you get ALL this free stuff. 

The pricing will go up as follows: 

  • 16th August: £595+VAT
  • 13th September: £795+VAT
  • 26th September: COURSE STARTS 

And you cannot get the free bonus stuff after the 16th August. That offer expires then.

So if you’re joining anyway, you literally save hundreds of pounds, plus you get all this free stuff.