Quick, clear glimpse into the 12 elements of content marketing

Sometimes when you’re busy scribbling your notes down, you miss seeing the full picture, the overall story.

We’d like to share with you the full story of the Accelerator: our 12 week coaching group exclusively for accountants who are learning content marketing, and applying it in their firms.

Whether you’re on the course or not, you can enjoy the beautiful, clear sketchnotes from our talented Chryzia. She’s going to do one for each of the 12 sessions, giving you insight into the marketing principles every accountant needs to know – and inspiration to get going with your own firm’s marketing!

Each one will be added into this blog, so keep looking back. If you’re in the PF Marketing Community on Facebook you’ll also spot them there.

1. Niche Marketing

Everyone has a niche or specialty area. You just have to find it.

2. Marketing by issue

Your marketing begins with the issues and problems your clients face. It’s not about pushing services.

3. Content

3 Accelerator Sketchnotes - Conten

What is it that you’ll actually create? Blogs, video, website pages…? We’ll go through the whole list.

4. Branding


The foundation of all your marketing is brand: the visual representation of who you are, and what you stand for.

5. Graphic Design

Learn how to apply design to your created content so people are more likely to engage with it, and with your firm.

6. Websites


All the things you wanted to know about how to have a great accountancy firm website.

7. Email



Is email dead? What email system do you need? How do you send emails people actually read? We go through it all.

8. Follow up

Follow up Accelerator

Don’t let all your great new marketing go to waste: stay in touch with prospects in a structured manner so they sign up faster.

9. Blogging


How to write blog posts. How long they need to be. How to include images. How to share. It’s all here!

10. Events


Whether you’re thinking of an event or haven’t even considered it, this will be critical for anything you do to involve clients!

11. Campaigns


Short term win: build a mini marketing campaign on a particular focus.

12. Social media

12 Accelerator Sketchnotes - Social MediaNow you’re producing all this great content, how do you get the world to see it? We explain why and how to use social media (yes, you need to use it).