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I’m getting a bit worried about my event. Registrations are low. How can I get more people to attend?

Delivering an event for your accountancy firm is an exciting and nerve-wracking venture. Your thoughts hover between high hopes of “We’re going to get so many leads!” and the abject failure of “Absolutely no one… Read More

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How to structure your blog post so people will actually read it

People don’t really read things. They skim. So the way you structure your blog post can change the level of engagement you receive. In my experience, accountants are far more likely to spend twenty minutes… Read More

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How to generate leads for your accountancy firm on social media

Accountants are particularly keen to “get leads” from any marketing efforts – and particularly from social media. The positive news is that social media is one of the best means of seeing those leads drip… Read More

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How can I convince my boss that content and social actually work?

If you’re the marketing manager of an accountancy firm, one of your biggest struggles is getting the owner, the partners, the accountants in the firm to actually be involved in content. You’re tasked with marketing… Read More

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The numbers on how long it will take to get your content noticed

20 You: “Yes, Karen, I get this whole content marketing malarkey. I realise I’ve got to write blogs and create content that is relevant and helpful for my target audience. But I’ve done that. I’ve… Read More

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How Xero puts on such an excellent event (and how your accounting firm can too)

For accountants, attending an event like Xerocon is a highlight of the year. Many firms bring multiple team members, and some bring the entire team. It’s the least accounting-like event of all, with free ice… Read More

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What are the best social media channels for your accounting firm?

There are so many social media channels to choose from: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and Medium…and there’s always something new coming up as well! But does your accounting firm need to be on every social… Read More

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