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Xero only? QBO and Xero? Which one is best for my accountancy firm to use?

Ah, the big debate. The two big players. The decision for online accounting software often comes down to either Xero or QBOL. It’s a drastic statement, I know. And you can weigh in with a vote for someone else, but realistically, these are the two. So if you haven’t picked a camp, which one is […]

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I’m afraid I’ll alienate people by sharing content related to a niche

You see the value of a niche. You do. But you’re worried. What if you start sharing great content related to your chosen niche, and potential buyers see it and walk away? What if they think, “That’s not me. There’s no point working with this accountancy firm. I’ll go somewhere else.” Sending people away can […]

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What makes for a good website home page?

Your website home page is essentially a miniature version of your entire website. Imagine someone never goes to any other page on your site: will the home page cover the basics? Strategise the main menu items first.  To determine what your home page needs to include, plan the main menu items first. Most likely you […]

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What exactly is a niche?

When I say that one of the most powerful ways to help your accountancy firm marketing stand out is by focusing on a niche, you may not know exactly what that means. Does it mean an area that you focus on exclusively? Does it have to be an industry? Can you have more than one […]

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Important new Twitter rules you need to follow to avoid getting your account closed

Twitter have recently updated their rules on posting and scheduling content. Here’s everything you need to know and how you can make sure you’re not breaking the rules and risk getting your account closed. What are the new rules? In short, they are:  1.  You can’t post the same (or a very similar) Tweet on […]

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How can my accountancy firm attract new clients on a small marketing budget?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, Is my marketing budget actually small? Accountancy firms have only very recently begun to accept that marketing expenses are as required as anything else – employees, cloud software, computers, a website, clients. The days of getting all your business from referrals and word of mouth (with […]

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Jack of all trades is master of none

We know this in principle, but we don’t practice it. We’re all Jack, telling ourselves that it’s good to have variety. That it would be boring to work with only one target audience, and potential clients appreciate the wealth of expertise we offer by serving all the businesses. The truth is, if you would master […]

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