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How people referred to you behave (and how many you might be missing)

People who are recommended to you almost never simply pick up the phone and call you. They do research. They think. They go through a lot of pain. They wonder and worry. They put it off. They go to your website. They follow you on social. They ask for recommendations. They think about it longer. […]

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Tracking social media activity: how to figure out what your audience wants

When you track your firm’s social media activity you’ll begin to hone in on what content is helping you attract the right audience, and what’s not. You’ll be able to make tweaks along the way to help you get to a place where you’re sharing content that people engage with. But it’s a fine balance […]

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Is defining and implementing a niche something that needs to take a long time?

If having a niche makes you more profitable, you want to get to the new profits as soon as possible. So how long does it take? The answer (to this and every marketing question) is of course “it depends”. It can take a really long time, and it can also be really fast. Depending! A […]

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I want someone to do my marketing for me, but can’t I get it cheaper on People Per Hour or Upwork?

The idea of getting unique content written for your firm and delivered to your inbox in 24 hours seems too good to be true. So it comes as no great shock to any of us that when you want to get marketing done, websites like People Per Hour and Upwork appear incredibly attractive. The internet […]

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Defend or dive deeper

When you identify something about yourself that’s different, something that tempts you to feel is “not as” (not as good , not the same as others), what do you do with that? Do you… …defend or …dive deeper? For the past year or so we’ve been talking within the PF team about the concept of […]

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I’ve written multiple blog posts: Is it best to post these one at a time, or all at once?

It’s great to stay on top of your blog writing and getting several posts written at the same time may save you some heartache in the long run.   If you’ve got a creative streak going and the words are flowing like milk and honey, go for it!  Keep on writing! When your well of […]

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Show your work: Who are your influences? What are you learning?

I’ve been avoiding reading this book for months. It’s been in my book stack, reminding me with its bright yellow cover that it’s there, ready to be read, ready to encourage me and give me new ideas. Actually, that’s why i was avoiding it. I knew this book is about sharing what you’re working on, […]

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