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We’ve won an award! How do we shout about it without showing off?

So your accounting firm has only gone and won an award! You know there is a lot of marketing and PR you can do to make the most of it, but you’re hesitant to brag about yourself. Is it arrogant to say “Look at us, we are awesome”? Could it put people off if you’re […]

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My content is dry material. How do I spice it up?

When you write accountancy firm content about the problems and issues your clients face, some of that content feels really dry.  Things like… Tax relief Whether to be self employed or set up a limited company Determining whether your employees are contractors Making Tax Digital Which cloud accounting software to use and why You’re right […]

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What kind of marketing actually works?

      I don’t make guarantees very often when it comes to marketing, but I can tell you without doubt that this is what works. 1. Create helpful content. It has to be genuinely helpful (not salesy), and based on the questions and problems your clients have. Read this book. Ideally you are focusing […]

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How do I know what is best to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram?

When you’re posting social media updates for your accountancy firm, do you share the same content everywhere or do you change it depending on which channel you’re posting it on? And is there a general rule of thumb of what and how much content to post on each social media channel? Sure, you could definitely […]

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Quick, clear glimpse into the 12 elements of content marketing

Sometimes when you’re busy scribbling your notes down, you miss seeing the full picture, the overall story. We’d like to share with you the full story of the Accelerator: our 12 week coaching group exclusively for accountants who are learning content marketing, and applying it in their firms. Whether you’re on the course or not, […]

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Everyone else is writing content and is visible online: how does my accountancy firm stand out?

Accountants have actually picked up on this content marketing thing. More and more accountancy firms are writing blog posts, recording video, setting up social groups, running events, updating websites, refreshing brands. How in the world does your firm stand out? What’s the point of sharing anything at all if someone else has done it faster […]

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I‘m not sure I can find an industry to niche in. Are there any other options?

This is one of the most common questions I’m asked when speaking about niche. When most accountants think about choosing a niche, industry is the first one to come to mind. But what if you can’t find an industry? What if you don’t want to? Worst of all, what if you choose an industry to […]

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