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The last thing I need in the world is another training course on marketing

One of the positives of all this focus on marketing-for-accountants lately is that there are a lot of you accountants going through some sort of marketing training lately. I’ve had a few emails this week from accountants in different parts of the world (the UK, South Africa, Canada…) telling me that they’ve just started a […]

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How much do I give away? The Paddy and Manny story

A few weeks ago I was meeting with clients in Ireland, and we were talking about the power of giving away free stuff. Most of you are familiar with the progression model – the fact that most of your buyers will need to first become aware of you, then get free stuff for a while, then […]

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Accountancy content is boring. Is that all I can write about?

“I was a bit stuck on what to write about, to be honest. I had this preconception or block that accountancy is boring. I need to write about how to claim tax, and I couldn’t get excited about it.” This is what Michelle Gregory from Gregory Accounting said to me the other day when we […]

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Will a marketing course actually help me do marketing for my accounting firm?

As an accountant, you’ve identified already that you do need to address your marketing. Of course you don’t want to simply randomly start doing things and hope for the best. You want to do the right things, in the right order, that will end up getting you the very best kind of clients. Will yet […]

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The step by step plan to get your team involved in marketing

Okay, you’ve started to address your team’s marketing concerns. You had one conversation or team meeting, and it was really positive, and you feel like you’ve taken steps to get the team involved in your accountancy firm marketing. Three days later (or weeks or months) you’ve realised that nothing has really changed. You’re still the […]

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Do you have the confidence to share your accounting firm’s marketing content?

Remember the time you moved out of your comfort zone and felt the fear? It’s could be as extreme as booking a skydive, then feeling the reality setting in when your body is hanging out the door of the plane. Or a more typical business event, like going to a networking event alone and feeling […]

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Now that I’ve found an awesome new name for my firm, how do I protect it?

You’ve been working on re-branding your firm or are in the process of branding for the first time, and have found a name you really love: it feels like ‘you’, it embraces what you do, and quite frankly, it’s really cool. You can’t wait to jump into it full force! But what if someone else […]

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