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But what if I get TOO inspired?

Sometimes I put off reading (or watching, or attending, or doing) something…and when I evaluate it, my avoidance is because I’m actually worried about how inspired I will be. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. Don’t I WANT to be inspired? Isn’t inspiration a great thing? It is a great thing….but it can also feel […]

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Why isn’t my new website page showing when I search for it on Google?

You’ve just created a beautiful new page for your website and after doing a mini victory dance, you search for the page name and your firm name in Google to see it appear in the search feed….but it’s not there! While there, you see a bunch of old webpage links that shouldn’t be there as […]

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Now it is time to finish (your writing).

Waiting to publish is the killer. It’s the killer of new business, of great conversations with prospects, of enthusiasm and progress and the change you’re trying to make in your business. It’s a killer because the potential is there – it’s right there!! But those who need to see it aren’t seeing it, because you’re….waiting. […]

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If I give away free stuff, am I educating and empowering someone so I put myself out of business?

When it comes to sharing content, and giving away free stuff: what if you put yourself out of business by giving all of this away? What if your prospects read it and consume it and never need you? How can this possibly lead to new business? This question I got recently from an Accelerator member […]

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You don’t have to wait for the time to write. You already have it.

You have the time to write. You just don’t recognise it for what it is. Perhaps in your mind, you expect it to look a certain way: quiet, comfortable, in a soft chair looking out to the sea with birds chirping outside… when in reality it’s probably more like typing with two thumbs while walking […]

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I want to improve my website’s SEO, but I’ve been burnt before. Is there anything I can do myself?

For some reason, as soon as you’ve said you’re an accountancy firm, many SEO agencies are quick to take your money, leaving you wondering what results their supposed SEO tactics are generating you. No transparency. No clue. Nothing. That’s not what you want. But there are things you can do to give your website a […]

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What makes one tweet better than another?

This week I shared a tweet which got (so far) 62 likes and 18 retweets, which for me puts it as the second most popular tweet I’ve ever put out there. The front runner still (and possibly always) is the famous Harry Potter tweet which I shared from Kings Cross (with over 202k views, 1042 […]

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