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Sometimes you need to just get started.

Sometimes you need to just get started. And sometimes you need to just stop. Last week I spent five days on the Isle of Mull. It’s my favourite place of rest, of beauty, of refreshment, of quiet and peace. And although I told myself I would simply sit by the fire and read books and […]

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“What’s your biggest challenge with social media?”

We asked that question of everyone who has registered for our upcoming Social Media Masterclass for Accountants…and as I looked through the answers I saw a lot of common themes. Oddly enough many of these seemed to start with the letter C, so I’ve managed to cleverly craft them into a summary of the top […]

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Basic guide to Google Analytics reports for accountancy firms

Tracking your website traffic and engagement is going to give you an insight into how it’s performing: so you can make informed decisions based on the data. You’ll then be able to tweak your marketing campaigns to drive traffic to another page, assess what’s not working well and why, as well as see what is […]

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Glimpse into the “three stage” level of brand work

Last week I had Col, our head of Branding, round and we talked about our brand process. We discovered that we weren’t showing or explaining the entire branding process as well as we could be, so we are now working on a “three stage” level of brand work. First, get to a decision. Second, define […]

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The elements of a great onboarding process for your accounting firm…

Creating a great onboarding process is not about saving time and being efficient. Those are great benefits to you: but onboarding is not about you. The greatest and highest goal of your onboarding process is to deliver on the promises you made during the sales process.To make sure the incredible experience they signed up for, […]

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Karen’s – and everyone’s – Marketing Tips

I’ve been writing “Karen’s Marketing Tips” for over eight years – they began even before I set up PF! I love writing them: the discipline of choosing a relevant topic and writing about it, and always sending it out, Friday after Friday. I also love the responses. There are nearly a thousand accountants who get […]

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Are “Resources” essential for an accountant’s website?

“I would be interested in an opinion on resources – are they essential for an accountant’s website? Something as a call to action of course, but beyond that?” The problem with most “resources” for accountancy firm websites is that they’ve been created with the accountant in mind. The type of thing accountants think their clients […]

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