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Which Social Media Management tool is best for accountants?

It can feel a little overwhelming when trying to manage all of your firm’s social media posting, and engagement for each platform. And lets face it nobody has all that extra time. Which is where social media management tools come into play, and save you a lot of time and worry giving it all a […]

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Holiday Expectations: Will you “use” the time, or let it go by?

Holiday can be hard to think about when you’re feeling a bit swamped.  You want it and are excited about it; you need it; but you may also be tempted to make sure you “use” your holiday time for thinking about the business. Planning. Writing some content.  Actually having headspace seems like a huge opportunity. […]

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FAQ page vs. Blog article – Where is best to post my content?

Let’s go back in time. Before search engines, a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is all your prospects  needed, simply because your website was effectively a digital brochure.  Now of course people get answers to their questions by asking google, asking YouTube, asking Siri! You have questions  asked by your clients every day… does […]

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Google Ads v Facebook Ads: which is best for my accountancy firm?

When we hear the words Facebook or Google Ads we dream (and hope) that hot leads will start rolling in. Both of them are advertising platforms that you pay for your ad to be displayed to an audience. And when we’re paying we expect the results. The words are bounced around a lot. Some people […]

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My client loves what PF has done for our firm. Who do you recommend for businesses that aren’t accountants?

You know PF works only and exclusively with accountants. So when your clients rave about what PF has done for you, they’re often disappointed to discover PF won’t work with them, because they’re not accountants.  So  who do you send them to? How do you make sure your clients get the very best marketing support […]

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When you meet people “in person”, the conversation changes

I set up my business as a 100% remote, virtual business.  I did this for efficiency reasons, for a lifestyle choice. I wanted to work from home. Have flexibility. Be able to go where I wanted to go and not be bound by an office.  Also, I don’t really work well in an office (I […]

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Getting leads isn’t the problem – our firm has plenty (and many are good). Do we ease back on marketing now?

Getting leads is one thing: but what happens when – due to all the marketing your firm has been doing – you’ve actually got more leads than you know what to do with?  You start to think perhaps you need to pull back on your marketing. (Spoiler alert: that’s actually not a great idea, but […]

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