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It’s not just me: 9 messages from other content marketers, for accountants

You’ve heard me going on about content marketing for years. “I know, I know…Karen says to write content regularly. She says that video is really important and that it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be done. I’ll get round to it eventually.” Last week I attended a conference that reminded […]

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My First CMA Live Conference!

So, how did I get myself in CMA Live this year? Well it’s all thanks to Karen (yes! The Karen Reyburn). Around the same time last year, Karen had just come back from the conference and told us that she already bought tickets for the next CMA Live – not only for herself but for […]

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If I already have the website template, can you fill in the copywriting?

Every accountancy firm needs a custom website. Whether you throw it together yourself using Rocketspark, or you work on the strategy and content yourself and get a website designer to make it look good, or you hire an agency to get a custom designed website built exclusively for your accountancy firm, with carefully crafted design […]

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Do you think conversational language is okay for blogs?

As an accountant, writing blogs can be a high-pressure situation. You want to make sure you strike the right tone. Do you formalise everything, use accounting terminology, write like it’s an article for the ICAEW? Do you go very conversational, friendly, relaxed – like you’re talking to a friend? Do you include tax tables and […]

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I know my marketing funnel will start to dry up. I’ll start marketing then.

Is this you? “My challenge is that most of my business has come from referrals. I’ve lost a few bigger clients, and some of my smaller clients have ceased trading for a variety of reasons. At a time when I need to replace lots of clients, many of my referral sources are no longer around.” […]

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I want to record videos for my accounting firm, but I never seem to get around to it

It’s a lie that we don’t have time. We absolutely have time – for what we decide is important, and worthwhile, and are comfortable doing. When we avoid things, we’re usually: Confused Not prepared Fearful Not convinced it’s worthwhile Undecided Recording videos is the number one marketing task that accountants avoid. And all of the […]

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How your accounting firm can respond to website enquiries so you build the best relationships

Your accountancy firm website is your ‘shop front’, you’ll get a lot of leads from here: all at varying stages of buying. Some may just want general info, some want to sign up with you or some no idea where to start.  These leads could be a fit for your firm: but some will not […]

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