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Are you putting more pressure on your marketing ROI than you are on yourself?

Getting ROI from marketing is absolutely a priority for accountants – and rightly so. As an accountant you’re aware of how powerful the numbers are. Marketing numbers (as with all financial numbers) do tell the truth, and you want your numbers to prove themselves. To indicate what works and what doesn’t. To show you the […]

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How on earth do you get started with your new years’ marketing goals?

My personal goal for the year ahead is to seriously up my fitness, like most of the world in January! It got me thinking about how easy it is to say we’re going to do this: but actually following through, consistently can be pretty tricky to start with. Guess what.. the same applies to your […]

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How do you prioritise client questions?

Creating custom content for your accounting firm is as simple as answering the questions your clients and prospects ask you. It’s the “They ask you answer” concept and at first it’s so inspiring and even easy. Client asks question; you write out an answer or record a video and post it; others read it and […]

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I’ve just launched my new website. How do I share my new site with the world?

You’ve been through a long process, and at last it’s done! Hurrah! You have a beautiful new website and you’re excited to share it with the whole world. Maybe you post it on social media once or twice, with a link or a screenshot. You share it with a few clients. You get some praise […]

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Great books to read over the holiday break

It’s the Christmas holidays. You’ve had your turkey dinner (or whatever alternative you went for this year), ate most of the chocolates, gone out with friends, spent time with the family. Now you’re starting to check your emails and are tempted to do a little work – make the most of how quiet things are. […]

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For accounting firms our size, roughly what is their budget for marketing?

Setting a marketing budget when you haven’t had one (or much of one at all) is tough. You’re beginning to accept you need to be spending some monies on marketing, and you’re willing to do that. But…how much? And where do you put it? Where do you begin, and how long do you go, and […]

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How many registrations and leads can I expect from an online event or webinar?

Delivering an online event is significantly different from a live event. I’ve provided webinars for years – since the inception of PF and before. In the process I’ve learned a few things about the differences between online and offline events, and the primary difference is the buyer’s progression takes longer with online events. Webinars were […]

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