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What does it mean to be “on-brand”?

On-brand, branded, brand identity, branding, Russell Brand. So many brand related words, all with slightly different meanings. We work with our clients to create content that is ‘on-brand’ for their firm. Let’s look at what that actually means, and how you can achieve your own on-brand content using these practical tips. You can’t create on-brand […]

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Rebranding: You can integrate a rebrand slowly, over time

Here’s a real life example of how you can slowly change your branding in line with a re-brand. Last week my sister and i stayed at a B&B up north in the Scottish Highlands, and in the process of finding it I noticed they had two signs on display. One was a fairly old fashioned, […]

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How do you deal with objections from staff regarding putting their photos online?

When your team refuse to get their photograph taken for the website, what can you do? Actually, you can do quite a lot: because it’s your firm! This challenge is a great opportunity to help involve your team in a deeper way with the firm they’re employed by: to help them understand how things are […]

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Your website sits at the heart of all your marketing

Your website is a hub to which you are consistently driving people from all of your marketing. It’s the one place where a client ought to be able to find all the information they need to make an educated decision.  They want to know who you are, if you can help solve their problem, and […]

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Steve Jobs: good business, bad humanity.

This week I finished “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. It’s quite an easy read for such a big book – and as a major Apple fan, I’ve always been fascinated by the man who created Apple, and was part of changing the world as we know it. I’m extremely grateful for all Steve Jobs (and […]

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I want to start blogging. Can I have a blog which is separate from my website?

Original content that has the “They ask, you answer” concept at its core is what leads your buyers to you. Blogging is part of that, because it’s your platform and opportunity to build trust and credibility with them so that they come ready to buy from you, educated, informed and willing. But if you’re not […]

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Tell the story (disasters and failures and all)

I’m so tired of hearing success stories with a little one-liner to hard times. “I lost three businesses, was 100k in debt, and THEN I TRIUMPHED and am the raving success you see now.” That’s not a story: it’s an ending. (And it’s not even a true ending, because they’re still going.) This week I […]

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