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Grand plans for your firm, know you need to do marketing to get there but not very sure where to start or when? As with everything, putting it off and over thinking makes it more daunting. That’s exactly what our past Accelerator members found before they built up their knowledge through the 12 weeks of […]

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Crush it? Hustle? Work harder? Rest.

The answer to being more productive may not be more work.  It may be rest.  I know the value of hard work: and I really enjoy it. I love being a business owner and I’m even grateful for finding the line between business and personal to be rather blurry. That’s ok by me.  There are […]

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Is it a good idea to hire an apprentice marketer or an intern?

One of the best things you can do in your accounting firm is hire a marketing person (on either a temporary or permanent basis). However.  It’s also got the potential to be one of the most frustrating and difficult things you do, with the worst results – if it’s not done well.  At PF, we’ve […]

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Do I need both personal and business social media accounts for my smaller accounting firm?

“I am confused about the difference between my personal social media and my business social media. As I am a sole trader, do I really need two? Or do I keep my business profile purely business?” This is a really great question. It shows you’re keen to be using social more. You’re looking around seeing […]

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The more healthy i am, the more healthy my business is.

The more healthy i am, the more healthy my business is. Last week i met with my accountant and we looked at the numbers for june (and July so far).  It was notable the increase in sales (and related profitability) of the business for the past few months. Specifically the last 14 weeks.  For those […]

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Which Social Media Management tool is best for accountants?

It can feel a little overwhelming when trying to manage all of your firm’s social media posting, and engagement for each platform. And lets face it nobody has all that extra time. Which is where social media management tools come into play, and save you a lot of time and worry giving it all a […]

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Holiday Expectations: Will you “use” the time, or let it go by?

Holiday can be hard to think about when you’re feeling a bit swamped.  You want it and are excited about it; you need it; but you may also be tempted to make sure you “use” your holiday time for thinking about the business. Planning. Writing some content.  Actually having headspace seems like a huge opportunity. […]

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