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SEO is confusing, what do I need to do to get my content out there?

When firms are looking at their marketing efforts, they often they want to jump straight to lead generation, with paid SEO at the helm. But when that’s the case, those firms are a step behind. If you’re not actually writing original content, then you don’t have anything of value for SEO yet. SEO is complicated, […]

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Is this a good enough niche? Does it need further refining?

(C) Karen L Reyburn 2019 When you’re exploring niche options, you begin to do some work and then wonder….is this good enough? Specific enough? Does it qualify as a niche? A niche is a targeted, focused area that you understand and serve particularly well. Although choosing an industry is the easiest and simplest niche choice, […]

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The 1-minute and 5-minute social media tactic

You don’t have time for social media. You’re already swamped with emails, client meetings, team issues, events, new apps to check out, and on, and on. Fitting in more marketing time to look at social media – to learn it, figure out how all the different platforms work, know what works best and what doesn’t….that […]

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Niche questions: Can I have more than one?

A true niche is ONE targeted, focused area that you serve particularly well. The ultimate and most profitable niche is one that is exclusive. It’s unique. Either no one else is serving that niche, or they’re not serving it in the same way you are. So you truly stand out. But…can you have more than […]

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Victories and questions: your fallback for content

Struggling to find what to write about? Not sure where to start, how to direct your team, feeling blank? There are two categories which will never fail you (unless of course you’re not talking to your clients, in which case, sort that out!). Victories and Questions. I’m talking particularly about your clients’ victories, and your […]

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The power of video on LinkedIn for accountants

Everyone’s shouting about the power of video content and you know we love to encourage accountants to dive in too.  No matter what platform you’re sharing your videos on – whether it’s YouTube, Facebook Live, Vimeo, or elsewhere – you’re doing the right thing to take the leap. Once you’ve done that first video, you […]

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What are your inner marketing voices saying to you?

I’m on a train right now, as I write this, going into Edinburgh for our in-person PF team get together. It’s always good fun to get together with the team (who are usually remote and communicating via Slack and video), and the sun is shining, and the skies are blue. A nice change from Storm […]

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