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Facebook Booster for accountants

Use Facebook to attract the right clients

So you’re already up and running, identified Facebook as a key channel your clients are on… now want to get your firm on front of them? You’re in the right place.

What's included?

Facebook targeting and Ads are really taking off: with some really advanced tools offering brilliant results when used well. But, they are complex and you need to get a grasp of the basics or you’ll set yourself up to fail.

These are split into two modules:

Module 1: How to set up and optimise your accountancy firm’s Facebook page

<p>How to set up your business page</p>

How to set up your business page

<p>Tips and tricks to impress when you’re responding</p>

Tips and tricks to impress when you’re responding

<p>How to manage your notifications</p>

How to manage your notifications

<p>Hidden features</p>

Hidden features

Module 2. How your accountancy firm can generate leads on Facebook.

<p>Introduction to Facebook Ads</p>

Introduction to Facebook Ads

<p>How to create an advert</p>

How to create an advert

<p>Targeting warm and cold audiences</p>

Targeting warm and cold audiences

<p>Optimising your campaigns</p>

Optimising your campaigns

And so much more. Login watch the vidoes, implement everything you learn on your Facebook page.


£195 + VAT one off fee

Join from anywhere in the world

Join from anywhere in the world

No matter where in the world your accounting business is located, we’re in a position to help.

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Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Social Media Director

The Profitable Firm

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We won’t leave you there. We’ll have more individual social channel courses coming but if you want access to the whole programme join the full programme.

People who have done things

I had about ten new leads in the two months since joining the programme, totalling £35k. The work that was accepted in that time was £14k. The way I see it is that this is directly attributable to the Content Marketer, which has made me more conscious about marketing and that therefore attracts new leads. So thank you!

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Thanks so much for your help with our social media questions. It totally makes sense what you suggest and it makes me excited to have the conversation with the team.
If I haven’t told you this before, you guys are great. You really know how to pay it forward

Kim Wreath
Kim Wreath

Marketing Coordinator, Walsh Accounting Solutions