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Free social media training for your firm

Your firm wants to be seen by the right people, the right prospects. Content marketing is the first step: social media is what gets your content shared. Get to grips with social media for accountants with this short online programme.

5 videos on the critical elements of social media

When we look at the aspects of social media that you need to know as an accountant, there are five areas that come up again and again. Watch the videos yourself, use them as team trainings, talk about how to implement them. The 5 areas covered are:

<p>Video: Introduction to social media</p>

Video: Introduction to social media

<p>Video: What social media channels will you be on?</p>

Video: What social media channels will you be on?

<p>Video: Building a targeted audience</p>

Video: Building a targeted audience

<p>Video: Building trust and relationships on social media</p>

Video: Building trust and relationships on social media

<p>Video: Generating leads with social</p>

Video: Generating leads with social

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Join from anywhere in the world

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Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Social Media Director, The Profitable Firm

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People who have done things

The principles I learnt from The Profitable Firm helped me grow from a brand new start up in October 2016 to having monthly recurring fees in excess of £4,000. From nothing to £50k a year in one year is incredible! Whilst I could have got there without the Content Marketer programme, I believe those lessons accelerated my growth. This shift in mindset is vital to the continued success of Kung Fu Accounting, and I recommend and value this course so highly that all my staff will also be put into the CM programme.

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson

Owner, Kung Fu Accounting

Thanks so much for your help with our social media questions. It totally makes sense what you suggest and it makes me excited to have the conversation with the team.
If I haven’t told you this before, you guys are great. You really know how to pay it forward

Kim Wreath
Kim Wreath

Marketing Coordinator, Walsh Accounting Solutions

Content Marketer Registration

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