Why do I have to have the Co-pilot?

Your co-pilot report page is like your management accounts for marketing. Without looking at your monthly marketing numbers and identifying patterns and trends, you won’t be able to make the best decisions for your firm’s marketing. The numbers are crucial in helping guide you in where you need to be investing your time and money so you can achieve the goals you’ve set. Otherwise, you’ll be using your credits for random pieces of work without any plan or direction.

How do I know what marketing I need to be doing monthly?

The numbers you track as part of your Co-pilot will guide you in what marketing you need to be doing monthly as they’ll help inform where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts. You’ll also have set your personal and business goals in your Foundations and these goals, combined with the numbers, will lead you in what marketing you’ll be doing monthly. You’ll be supported and guided by your Client Marketing Manager throughout and will plan for your marketing for the month ahead in your monthly strategy meeting.

Can I sign up for monthly marketing at any time?

Before we can write content which reflects you and your firm’s tone of voice, or create images for your brand, we need to know and understand both. Otherwise, your content won’t sound like you and prospects will feel the difference when they meet you. That’s why any accountant who wants to sign up for monthly marketing with PF goes through Foundations first so we can understand your goals, our brand, your audience and craft your content so it appeals to only the best clients for you.

Will you do marketing for me each month?

In short: no, we will not do marketing for you, we will do marketing with you. The more you are personally involved in your marketing, the better for your firm. Because marketing is a reflection of the business you are doing, and you and the team are the ones who know that the best.

How much time will I need to dedicate each month?

At the very least, we encourage you to put aside 2 hours a week for your marketing. You’ll also need to put aside 1 hour per month for your strategy check in call with your Client Marketing Manager (CMM) and you’ll need a little time beforehand to watch the video your CMM sends you.

What can I use credits for?

Marketing credits are the currency we use at PF to estimate the content or design work we do with you. Here’s some ideas of what you can use them for: content and design for your emails, blogs, event promotion, website pages, PDF guides, case studies, printed items, social media posts, brand books. If you’re unsure whether you can use credits for a piece of work, reach out to your CMM and they’ll be able to guide you.

How is monthly marketing with PF different from getting a marketing manager in-house?

Your inhouse marketing manager will be skilled at several things, and yet they can’t be an expert at all the things. They won’t be a content writer, graphic designer, strategist, website developer, brand expert all rolled into one person. When you work with PF, your marketing person gets the full support of the entire PF creative team and we’ll support the ongoing work they’re doing for your firm.

Who will be involved from both my firm, and PF?

Any decision makers (i.e. partners, executives) at your firm need to be involved in your monthly marketing. The best kind of marketing is when it reflects the true you. From PF, you have the full creative team as part of your monthly marketing: strategists, designers, content writers, developers. One of our values at PF is Collaboration and so the whole team works together on every client: sharing ideas and experiences so you can be sharing the best content for your firm.

All your questions answered?


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