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Tom Wardman

Client Manager
Tom Wardman

Tom’s journey into marketing is a unique one. Having semi-retired as a musician (at the tender age of 23!) Tom discovered a passion for marketing whilst working part time for a small firm of accountants. Combining that with his creative flair from his background in music, he decided to build on his new passion for marketing and dive into the industry full time. In 2017 he began investing in as much training as possible to help accountants use their content marketing to bring value to their clients from the moment they become a prospect.

Tom’s background in both music and marketing comes in handy since PF clients know us for creativity but also our deep marketing wisdom! We can also count on him for the occasional jingle and odd music fact!

Tom’s energy comes from large amounts of fizzy drinks, motivational music and his passion for performing at weddings and corporate events.

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