What exactly is included?

Every website we build is custom to your accounting firm and so your website project may look different to someone else depending on what you need. As a minimum, every website project includes:

–Custom content, design and development of 3 core pages: Home, How we work, Contact
– A blog page
– Terms and conditions/cookie policy set up
– Support package for pre and post-launch
– Monthly check-ins with your project manager

How long will it take?

We commit to launching the first stage of your new website in 3 months from starting. In order to build you the best website we can, we must allow enough time for the strategy sessions and the custom content, design and development Timings will also depend on a couple of things at your end: whether you give us feedback within the agreed timelines; if you reschedule arranged meetings. We will work with you to ensure your project is completed within the timeline you agree with your project manager at the start, and there is responsibility on both our side and yours to keep to that timeline.

Why do PF build websites on Strapi?

Our web team builds your firm’s website on Strapi because of the impact it has on you and your website visitors.

– Harder to hack: it allows us to headless the front end from the back end. This means your front end and back end of your website are hosted on different domains, and is much harder to hack. This also reduces the need for additional plugins required to fight off bots

– Improved site speed: there’s no need to add any additional code which slows down your overall site speed

– Improved form submissions: there’s less chance of form submissions going into spam email accounts so you’ll be notified quicker when a form is submitted

– Improved website journey: opportunities for better thought out UX paths mean your visitors can more easily find what they’re looking for

– More reliable analytics: Strapi integrates with Plausible to give you more accurate, live analytics of your website’s performance

– A simplified interface: This gives you more freedom and control to edit sections on your website yourself

Available integrations: Strapi integrates with Zapier, Plausible, Netlify, Vimeo and lots of other apps we may use for your website build

Can I use my own website developers?

Yes, you can. Although part of your website project with PF will include the actual build of your website, our more important role is to help you dig deep into your ideal client journey so we can craft a website which takes your visitor the perfect journey for you. This helps speed up the prospect process so by the time they come to you, they already know who you are, how you work and how you can help them. Your website project quote will include the website build and if you wanted to take your website structure and design elsewhere, you are free to do so.

I don’t want to use stock imagery. What can I use instead?

Before you decide you definitely don’t want to use any stock imagery, take a few minutes to read this blog from one of our designers – ‘How to choose the right stock imagery’, so you have all the information before making a decision. If you still decide you don’t want to use any stock imagery on your website, the alternative would be life photos. You can arrange a photographer to do a photoshoot with your team, and PF can support you with this process.

Will I need to write my own content and provide my own imagery?

No. Most definitely not. For every website we build, our content team crafts the word and our designers create the pages and source imagery which fits with your brand and message. We will ask for your opinion and collaboration throughout the project, and at times may ask for you to supply images of yourself and your team but we will never ask you to write your own content or source your own images. We take that on as our responsibility as part of the project.

What do you need from me?

Nobody knows your firm like you do. You have the knowledge and story behind your business and the ideal client journey you want a visitor to take through your website so you will need to be actively involved and present in your website build. We bring our expert website and marketing knowledge and experience. Together, we’ll make a great team. We’ll need you to live up to the PF values throughout the website build process.

We will also need these items from you:

1. Team photos: having real photos on your website helps your prospects to build a relationship with you and your team, faster.

2. Terms and conditions of your website: you will need to provide the content

3. Promotional videos: videos are a valuable tool for building relationships  and sharing  helpful content with  potential clients. We encourage you to share at least 1 on your website. We can support you with the strategy and editing of your videos, and we’ll need you to record them.

We will ask for these items from you before we start building your website and  delays in getting them to us can result in your timeline being pushed back.

What is a SEO migration?

An action plan to help mitigate SEO drop off when updating or migrating your site.

In a SEO migration we cover:

• Smart migration date
• Previous site back up
• Organic SEO health check
• Crawl your current site
• Redirect plan inc. updating internal and external linking
• Update google and bing places
• Update xml sitemap
• Update google search console
• Migrate or add schema
• Update robots.txt
• Update backlinks
• Pre and post SEO audits
• Measure SEO performance

Do I need a SEO migration?

(Read the question above to understand what an SEO migration is.)

If you have been working for some time on your SEO and have good rankings you may want to get the SEO migration bolt on. This is especially important if you are changing domain names or and are worried about loss of traffic to the site.

What will I be able to do myself on my new website?

Your website belongs to you, and we want you to be able to make updates and action tasks when you want to on your new site.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

– Add & publish a new page
– Add & publish a new blog post
Update existing pages
Update existing blog posts
Update SEO settings for individual pages
Update and add new images to your website
Preview your site before publishing updates
Add new users to your site (team members, web support)
Update email configuration
View and update overview settings

You’ll need support from a Web Developer to do:

– Add more plugins: you’ll likely need to add code for new plugins to work correctly
– Access Netlify settings: any changes to this can mean you won’t be able to publish your website
Add new users as super admin: this will be used exclusively by our web developers, unless you decide to work with a different developer
Update global settings: this gives you access to tags, hotjar scripts and code. These settings need to be updated by an experience website developer

All your questions answered?


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