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Traits of the Entrepreneurial Accountant

You know how to be a great accountant.

Unfortunately, the very traits that make you a great accountant betray you when it comes to doing great marketing.

Karen has written this guide so you'll know the traits that make for a great entrepreneurial accountant: the kind of person who isn't "simply" an accountant, but is the best one, and the best business owner you can possibly be.

The guide includes quotes and contributions from Rod Drury - CEO of Xero, Russ Perry - Founder of Design Pickle, James Ashford - Founder of Go Proposal.. and many more.

Karens Notes

Karens Notes

Marketing tips written by Karen herself, sent out every Saturday to keep you inspired and taking marketing action.

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Free social media training for your firm

Free social media training for your firm

Make sure your firm gets to grips with the basics of social media with this free short online programme!

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Xero Marketer Guide

Xero Marketer Guide

Written for the Xero accountant or bookkeeper who wants to step up their marketing. Includes 6 quick win ideas and real life case studies.

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Social Marketer free 24 hour trial

Social Marketer free 24 hour trial

Free 24 hour trial of ALL our DIY social media videos

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Free Marketing Masterclass with Karen & Chris Marr

Free Marketing Masterclass with Karen & Chris Marr

This masterclass has been designed to help you triumph over the issues that often prevent accountants from getting true ROI in marketing.

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PF long email

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